About Me

HeadShotI am a professional Systems Analyst/Engineer/Architect working with Windows, Linux and Novell based services. I have created this site to give back to the community of IT professionals. I have always had a passion for automation, and PowerShell has provided the best scripting language available to do this to date. I hope to give back tips and tricks that I have learned throughout my career. I will also be releasing software that I create as freeware to be used within your environment so keep checking back.

I grew up in rural Saskatchewan Canada where I was introduced to technology at a very young age. The Mattel Intellivision on a Sony Trinitron 27″ television provide my earliest memories of what would become my love for all things tech. The Tandy 1000 and Apple IIe were my first ventures into the computing. It was a passion of mine to upgrade my computers by researching every computer part, going through all the generations of processors, motherboards, memory modules, sound cards, and video cards. I first got the internet in 1992 and have watched it grow from GeoCities to WordPress, AltaVista to Google, and IRC to Twitter.

My first corporate job was working remotely on a website owned by Psuedo Programs called AGN3D where I acted as both an editor and server support analyst. Jeremy Allford pioneered the site from what used to be a dedicated 3DFX PC gaming site to one of the most popular gaming sites on the internet. My professional career grew from their as I spent time as a service center agent, computer technician, web developer, and systems analyst. I graduated from Medicine Hat College and Devry University, and Keller Graduate School. I now am the Co-Founder of Technet UC and am always looking forward to new challenges and solutions for others. If you live in the greater Boston area please join my Boston PowerShell user group over at meetup.com.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it beneficial. Please feel free to drop me a line, or post questions/feedback on all my articles.

Best Regards,